Journal of Policy Modeling
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The Journal of Policy Modeling is published by the Society for Policy Modeling to provide a forum for analysis and debate concerning international policy issues. The Journal addresses questions of critical import to the world community as a whole, and it focuses upon the economic, social, and political interdependencies between national and regional systems. This implies concern with international policies for the promotion of a better life for all human beings and, therefore, concentrates on improved methodological underpinning for dealing with these problems.

Understanding of the world socioeconomic environment can best be gained by contrasting the behavior of its many subsystems, regions, and sectors within different time horizons. The Journal of Policy Modeling emphasizes formal modeling techniques serving the purposes of decision making. Such a focus requires an ongoing review of the state of the art in the field, probing whether existing analytical instruments can properly account for the interdependence of policy decisions over time, space, and sectors. It also requires an ongoing effort to improve the relevance of models for decision making, and a continuing critique of their conceptual underpinnings.

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